Friday, August 20, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock: An English Geek's Cartoon Nirvana

Schoolhouse Rock: An English Geek's Cartoon Nirvana

If you were an English geek like me in grade school, the parts of speech came easily to you, and you looked forward to diagramming sentences on the chalk board. (For those younger readers, a chalk board was a large green or black slate on which the teacher and students wrote and did math problems. Think erasable white board, but with a much grainier appearance and lots of annoying dust.) Kids who found English and writing tiresome, boring, or challenging, on the other hand, probably looked forward to these aspects of school with as much anticipation as they would a dental appointment.

Fortunately, on Saturday mornings, there was the ever-interesting and entertaining Schoolhouse Rock. This charming educational cartoon series covered not only grammar, but math, science, American history, money, and in its more recent incarnations, computers and technology.

English and language being my gig, though, my favorites by far were the grammar songs. Come on – tell me that if you were in grade school in the late 70s, you’ve ever forgotten Conjunction Junction!

The following is a tribute to one of TV’s successes. Nine episodes of Grammar Rock, from the Schoolhouse Rock folks!

Hope you enjoyed this trek back down Memory Lane. Thanks to Madonna Kash for reminding me about the simple beauty of Schoolhouse Rock!

This is Day 31 in the 60-Day Content Challenge. See you tomorrow for the next post!

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