Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling Stuck? Do ONE Thing!

Feeling Stuck? Do ONE Thing!

This probably never happens to you, but I'll admit it. I get stuck sometimes. Whether it's the result of procrastination, fear, resistance, exhaustion, or overwhelm, on occasion I freeze up, feeling confused and wondering which step I could, should, might take next. Fortunately, I usually remember the advice I once heard from a mentor: "When you're stuck, do one thing."

This is great advice, because it's a call to action we can all heed. Do one thing. It doesn't say, "Do a huge thing." It doesn't say, "Do a difficult thing." It doesn't say, "Do something you don't want to do." It doesn't say, "Do something that scares you." The advice simply says, "Do one thing."

In her 2005 book, Make Your Creative Dreams Real, Sark offers similar advice for procrastinators, introducing the concept of micromovements.

The Insight Journal online describes micromovements as:
Micromovements are tiny steps that add up to a big difference. Instead of trying to get an entire project done at once, you can break it down into much smaller, more manageable pieces. You can also give yourself all the time you need. If you can only do one small thing today and leave the rest for tomorrow, next week or even next month, you can get things done. Often, when we’re procrastinating, we’re feeling overwhelmed by all we have to do. We don’t know where to begin, and the projects feel too big to be tackled. When you break the project down and only think about making one little micromovement, you reduce the pressure, making it easier to get up and get moving.
Actions You Can Take

Say you're small business owner who's feeling stuck. You're tired, frustrated, overwhelmed. What's ONE thing you can do today to reignite your momentum? How about any one of the following?
  • Look up a phone number online.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Input data from 5 business cards.
  • Touch base with one client via e-mail.
  • Write a list of potential blog ideas.
  • Find an image to accompany an article or blog.
  • Update one page on your Web site.
  • Schedule one networking event.
  • Mapquest a location.
  • Invite a colleague to lunch.
  • Write a thank you note for a referral.
  • Do 5 minutes' of research online.
  • Read a journal article.
Running a business is one of the most challenging endeavors we can ever take on - and it's also one of the most potentially rewarding. But even the most productive, successful, and optimistic entrepreneurs can have a down day every once in a while. One of the most important things to remember is that this feeling, too, will pass. Rather than focusing on all the things you haven't done, why not shift your perspective? Before you go to bed, make a gratitude list, and among the items you include, write down the things you did get done today.

Then make a plan for the TWO things you will do tomorrow - and be sure to get them done. If it necessary, enlist the support of a friend, colleague, or coach to help keep you accountable. Whatever you do, stay positive and keep moving. Celebrate today, because you did one thing.

This is Day 27 in the 60-Day Content Challenge. See you tomorrow for the next post!

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