Thursday, August 26, 2010

70 Tips for Improving the Next Phase of Your Life and Your Business

70 Tips for Improving the Next Phase of Your Life and Your Business

As a certified retirement transition coach, Barbara Penn-Atkins helps people move into the next phase of their lives. She recently authored a book entitled, 70 is the New 40. In her book, she lists 70 tips for living their golden years joyously. The thing is, these tips are invaluable to all of us, regardless of our age or state in life.

Most of them are even applicable to creating a joyous, successful business. Here, with all due credit to her, are Barbara's 70 tips.
  1. Write a plan for your next stage of life - starting today.
  2. Develop a vision for your life and create a vision board.
  3. Develop a vision map, a step-by-step guide to implementing your vision.
  4. Identify your ideas and perceptions about aging.
  5. Define your perception of life satisfaction.
  6. Cultivate and maintain a positive attitude.
  7. Establish and maintain a vertical connection to your higher being.
  8. Eliminate negative thoughts and distractions from your life.
  9. Always do your best, look your best, and be your best.
  10. Have a sense of humor - laughter is good for the soul.
  11. Reassess and reorder priorities periodically.
  12. Nurture healthy relationships and discontinue unhealthy ones.
  13. Be active and involved in church, synagogue, religious, community service, or civic activities.
  14. Establish trust and maintain your integrity.
  15. Stay spiritually active - find perfect rhythm in life through daily meditation and prayer.
  16. Stay physically active; exercise daily.
  17. Maintain a healthy mind; practice healthy habits; continuously learn new things and expand your knowledge.
  18. Create positive affirmations.
  19. Eat a balanced diet, including whole foods - fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  20. Know your values and personal belief system.
  21. Stay socially active; stay connected to people you enjoy.
  22. Leisure: play and have fun. Take mini-vacatins for relaxation.
  23. Travel; explore new territories; change your scenery.
  24. Experience different cultures and lifestyles; meet new people.
  25. Get plenty of sleep; rest and restore for physical and mental strength.
  26. Learn a new language, and study the customs and governments of other cultures.
  27. Provide leadership and guidance to youth.
  28. Share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience.
  29. Mentor, coach, and tutor others.
  30. Develop a financial vision; plan and map to achieve it.
  31. Help others develop their own value and belief systems.
  32. Sponsor and support youth organizations.
  33. Chaperone students at school events.
  34. Break through personal barriers.
  35. Establish accountability systems; hold yourself and others to them.
  36. Learn computer technology.
  37. Use the Internet to connect with the world.
  38. Develop global relationships.
  39. Join social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  40. Organize and simplify your life; clear out the clutter.
  41. Give heirlooms to family.
  42. Give unused items to charity.
  43. Repurpose your talents, skills, and experiences.
  44. Re-career - start a new business.
  45. Turn your hobby into an opportunity.
  46. Become a consultant.
  47. Journal; write your memoirs; share your story.
  48. Improve your communication skills.
  49. Plan your legacy. How do you want to be remembered?
  50. Become a philanthropist.
  51. Give unconditionally.
  52. Cultivate a spirit of love for all you meet.
  53. Contribute to make a difference.
  54. Buy a life insurance policy and assign your favorite charity as a beneficiary.
  55. Leace a legacy for the next generation - a foundation for others to build upon.
  56. Seek happiness in the present.
  57. Appreciate nature and the natural order of the universe.
  58. Begin each day with gratitude and thanksgiving.
  59. Advocate: use your voice to champion change in the political, social, and economic landscape of our country and the world.
  60. Be diligent about implementing your plan.
  61. Practice and improve self-discipline.
  62. Set priorities and eliminate distractions.
  63. Learn how to convert criticism into confidence.
  64. Practice and improve time management.
  65. Discover your passions and find time to engage them often.
  66. Forgive, and develop compassion.
  67. Focus.
  68. Take action every day.
  69. Discover your strengths and find partners who balance your weaknesses.
  70. Always be ready for opportunity as life unfolds.
OK - it's a daunting list if you try to tackle all of them at once. But read through it again - and choose one or two items on which you can focus. Do so for a month or six weeks and see what happens. Then choose two more, and repeat the process. You are in full control of your life and your success. These 70 steps can help you get there more easily. Let me know how it goes!

This is Day 37 in the 60-Day Content Challenge. I've been posting every day since I accepted the challenge on July 21st. See you tomorrow for the next post! Laura

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