Sunday, July 25, 2010

Passion Is Persuasive

Passion Is Persuasive

It's difficult - if not impossible - to fake enthusiasm. You might be able to masquerade for a short time, but in the long term, if you are not passionate, your true feelings will become evident. There's no place this is more important than in your business. The more you love your work, the more enthusiastic you will be about it, and enthusiasm is infectious. 

Enthusiasm is what gets you out of bed, on fire with desire to greet the day. It gives you the words and emotion to discuss your business with passion. It enables you to put other distractions aside to tackle a client project that goes longer than expected.

The more genuinely enthusiastic you are about your business, the more believable that passion is, whether you're introducing yourself at a networking event or writing copy for your Web site. But with that enthusiasm must come deep knowledge that is potently conveyed. Copyblogger Sean Platt, in a November 2009 post titled The Quentin Tarantino Guide to Creating Killer Content, writes specifically about the importance of passion in your copywriting.
Own Your Story
The more you write about a particular topic or in a specific genre, the tighter your work will naturally become. Your expertise will grow. Better words will come to you, and they’ll show up more quickly.
If you write about widgets, write the hell out of your widget copy.
Loving your widget is a great start, but you also have to know your widget inside out and upside down. You must know every surface, every detail. Knowledge and passion will shine through the copy and accentuate the differences between you and everyone else writing about widgets.
If you want to be a great writer, you’ve got to own the story. Fiction or sales copy, know your story like nobody else and you will write words that no one else can touch.
If you don't have a passion for your business, there's a good chance you're in the wrong business. If your passion has waned over the years, whether because you got busy or you just got complacent, it's in your best interest - and your clients' - to find it again. Why did you start your business in the first place? What did you love about it?

Take some time in the next day or two to do some writing that explores your passion for your work - and then make a commitment to sharing it. On your Web site. In your blog. As a Facebook post. Get passionate, and get talking about your passion. Nothing is as attractive as a business owner who loves what they do.

This is Day 5 in the 60-Day Content Challenge. See you tomorrow for the next post!


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