Thursday, July 22, 2010

Expand Your Horizons - Take a Class!

Expand Your Horizons - Take a Class!

    What do these seemingly disparate topics have to do with each other - and, more importantly, what do they have to do with you? All of the above topics are subjects in which you can take classes at your local community college. 

    We often hear about how important continuing education is to our success as business owners - but does every class have to pertain to our industry, niche, or business? Absolutely not! 

    If you have an interest in a topic outside the purview of your main business, there are lots of benefits in learning more about it. Here are just a few:

    • Take some time for yourself. It's easy, as a business owner, to get bogged down in the marketing and managing of your business. But it's very important for your well-being and peace of mind to take some time away from the business to do something that's just for you.
    • Expand your knowledge base. When we stop learning, we start dying. Not every book, magazine, or video has to relate to your business. The learning process is good for you - regardless of what you are studying.
    • Grow your network. By getting out and meeting new people, you will expand your network - and as we all know, our net worth is most definitely tied to how strong our network is.
    • Find useful lessons that DO apply to your business. No matter what sort of extracurricular class you decide to take, there will, no doubt, be lessons in it that you can apply to your business. Maybe learning the best planting schedule for annual flowers will trigger an idea for an annual event for your business. 
    Pretty much every community has a community college - and in the event that they don't, there's always the Internet! Why not grab a catalogue and find a class in a subject that interests you? Join with a friend or colleague - or better yet, make a new one. Regardless of the subject, you and your business will find tremendous benefit.

    This is my 2nd post in the 60-Day Content Challenge. Look for the next installment tomorrow.

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