Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guess What, You Smelly, Stinky facebook Hackers? I Send You LOVE!

Guess What - Smelly, Stinky Hackers? I Send You LOVE!

What a day! Thank GOD I don't have them very often. First, I left my cell phone at home when I left the house in the morning. Then, I had a bike accident that left me a little battered and with some nice strawberries. Later, I was on my way to a networking event with my friend Joey Sampaga and we were rear-ended by a woman who was simply not paying attention on the freeway entrance ramp.

But the thing that took the cake was having my facebook account hacked - and having the hackers send loads and loads of fake messages from me to all 785 of my friends, as well as posting spam video links on many people's walls. That was a fun one to try to contain.

Yes, it was a pain in the ass because it prevented me from getting other important things done. But the lovely thing it did was give me an oddly motivated yet truly special way to connect with some of those friends.
Thanks in particular to Arthur DeKarski for his great advice and support.
Thanks, also, to everyone who sent notes of support - things like "I knew you'd never send a message like this. Just look at the spelling!"
Thanks, as well, to those who posted on their own walls to delete the spam messages because I'd obviously been hacked.
And apologies - although I can't really take responsibility for someone else's ridiculous behavior - to all of those who were perplexed or annoyed by the messages. All I can say is, I suppose this is the price of admission for a great, free application like facebook. NOT condoning - just saying it happens sometimes.

My own questions are:
  • Why aren't these obviously talented individuals spending their talents on something worthwhile, like curing cancer or solving the healthcare debacle or building cars that run on dog poop?
  • What's in it for them? How limited and uninspired do your lives have to be that this can really be fun for you? It reminds me of the idiots who are going around spraypainting primer over Phoenix-area license plates. Would I love to get my hands on those jerks!

The thing I decided to do, though, instead of getting angry, is to send the hackers - whoever they are and wherever they are - LOVE. Seriously. Not phony, fake love. But genuine, real, loving energy. Of the kind that says, "Yes - you may have caught my attention and disrupted my life - and the lives of those in my circle - but you have not made me angry or bitter or seething or ruined my day. After all, if you'd wanted to do that, you'd have chosen a different day!"

So thanks to the great friends. Sorry to those who were inconvenienced. Love to the hackers!

Peace out.

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  1. HA... sorry to hear the WHOLE DAY was a burden... thanks for the KUDOS... hope tomorrow is a better day than today for you...

  2. I'm sure it will be! Thanks, Art!