Monday, October 26, 2009

Every Single Thing You Write Is a Story

Every Single Thing You Write Is a Story

Every writer — from novice or aspiring writers to the pros and everyone in between — occasionally gets nervous or stuck when it comes to sitting down to craft a new blog post, article, memo, etc.

Here's a tip I give all my clients and students:

Think of everything you write as a story. And when I say everything, I mean everything! Even your grocery list is the story of what you will eat this week. Recently, I was going over my checking account statements for the past three months, and I was gently surprised at some of the things I saw there. The process was a reminder to me of where I’d been and what I’d done in that time; it was a unique glimpse into the story of my life for those 12 weeks.

Writing your stories is that easy. Just sit down and let the stories come to you. And then, in your own inimitable way, write the first one down, as if you were telling it to your closest friend.

Stories abound. Practice telling them — and writing them — and you will soon master the craft. Make a point of incorporating at least one story into each blog or article you write. In other places, use your written and verbal stories to promote your product or service, and watch the effectiveness of your marketing and networking improve exponentially.

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