Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 10 "First" Rules of Marketing

Top 10 "First" Rules of Marketing

In getting ready to post another piece in my Marketing Mishap series, I wondered what other people think of as the FIRST rule of marketing. Turns out, there are lots of "first" rules of marketing.

The rules below are from the first 40 results that came up my Google search for the term "first rule of marketing." We had to go through 40 because some were sales sites; others were duplicates; still others had decent SEO (obviously) but didn't make any sense; still others didn't apply. Just goes to show you that SEO works, even if your Web site doesn't.

Some of these tips are better than others. There's at least one I think is just plain wrong. But for better or worse, these are the SEO leaders for the search 'First Rule of Marketing.'

What's yours?

1. Take charge of your marketing. Don't leave it to others.

2. Know thy customer. Especially before you make a big shipment.

3. Just do it. Seems easy enough, right?

4. Do no harm. As in, spell your own company's name correctly.

5. Only advertise something that you yourself would want and would want to hear about. Really - that's what it says.

6. Test to find out what your market wants. The Blues Brothers said so.

7. Zero in on your target market. Get really, really specific.

8. Have a good product or service. Another easy one, right?

9. Have a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Really.

10. Manage your expectations. In marketing, business, and in life.

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