Monday, March 8, 2010

Marketing Mishaps - Simple, Avoidable Blunders That Could Cost You Dearly

Marketing Mishaps - Simple, Avoidable Blunders That Could Cost You Dearly

OK, I'm not generally the snarky sort, but lately I've been seeing some really wacky things in the area of marketing. These are basic, basic oversights and boo-boos that should NEVER happen. And yet they do. I think it goes back to a frequent saying from my friend and marketing mentor, Adam Urbanski:
When you're in business for yourself, you're really in two businesses:

1. The business you're in.

2. The sales and marketing of the business you're in.
I get the feeling a lot of people hang out their shingles without obtaining the marketing training they should before they get underway, so they make incredibly foolish and costly errors. Marketing is not rocket science. First and foremost, it is the art of relationship building. But there are a few little things you MUST remember, even as you are working to build those relationships and create your brand.

Our goal is to take a look at some of the goofier blunders so that you can avoid making them yourself. Remember, the people who did these things aren't bad people ... they're just not very good marketers. Yet.

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