Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are Christmas cards dead?

Are Christmas cards dead?

For many, many years, I took great pride - and an enormous amount of time - in making my own Christmas cards. In fact, I don't think I've bought pre-printed cards in nearly 25 years.

Over the last few years, though, I've taken to making my cards digitally - and sending them that way, too. Interestingly, the images here are samples of the physical cards I've made over the years ... the digital ones seem to have become lost in cyberspace.

In her December 20 post for Slate, Kate Julian asks, "Did Facebook kill the Christmas card?" I would say no - and yes. For me, running a business killed the Christmas card. The wanton unnecessary sacrifice of trees aside, I agree with Kate, in that I absolutely love printed cards. Time, though, is precious. And since I just can't bring myself to buy store cards anymore - not with the nice ones going for upwards of $5 EACH - making my own is the only way I can go. And making individual cards for 50+ people no longer fits in my time budget.

So digital it is. I re-upped my Blue Mountain subscription this year, along with subscribing to a couple other e-card services. The good news is that since they're digital, I make the effort to send them to a lot more people ... more than likely because it's so much easier than buying/making a card, putting a stamp on it, addressing it, and crossing that last hurdle of finding a mailbox into which to deposit it!

I'm with you, Kate - I miss the Christmas cards, too. I hope you're wrong about 2010 being the year they died - maybe if I put it on my calendar now, I'll remember to make my 2011 Christmas cards during the summer lull. In the meantime, here's this year's digital card. Happy Christmas to all!

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