Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Queen of Decluttering to the Rescue!!

Queen of Decluttering to the Rescue!!

Please permit me to tell you a short story.

Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl invites boy over. Girl realizes home is a cluttered mess and she has no time to clean before boy will be over to see the mess.

Enter Barbara Chavarria - Queen of Decluttering.

When I asked Barbara to help me straighten my place up before I had my boyfriend over for the first time, I expected her to do the basics like dishes, dusting, vacuuming ... and that ring around my toilet bowl that never seems to go away. Little did I realize that I had hired not a cleaning person, but a miracle worker!

Barbara not only cleaned my house, but she organized it from top to bottom. Boxes that had been sitting in my spare bedroom for months, waiting to be "unpacked," suddenly really were unpacked. All my stationery? In one easy-to-reach place now. Desk? Clear, so that I can and do use it - often! Craft supplies? Sorted and organized. Votive candles and tea lights? In one neat bucket in the hall closet.

This was the best money I think I've ever spent on myself, worth EVERY penny. Thank you, Barbara, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh - and the boyfriend? He's a keeper!


Some experiences just cry out for a testimonial. This was one of them! If you're in the Phoenix area and have any spaces that you've been "meaning to get to," please give Barbara a call! She's fantastic. The holidays are coming. Give yourself the gift of a well-sorted pantry, neatly organized holiday decorations, or a tidy place for those out-of-town guests!


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